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When the religious right campaigned to repeal the right of California gays and
lesbians to marry, I was silent.  It's not that I didn't care or was uninterested...I
just didn't care enough to get involved.  I don't ever see myself getting
married, so I did not join the fight.

That was a mistake.  

So while I did not voice my opinions or feel alarmed at the potential for
California voters to feel strongly enough about gay marriage to amend the
state constitution, I do have a really short fuse when people take their
religious dogma out of their respective churches and expect everyone else to
adopt it.  I get even more impatient with the "it's the way it's always been"
argument.  I mean, get real.  If we lived by the way it's always been, we'd still  
believe in slavery and child labor.  

This art piece is my late entry into the argument and an apology for my earlier
On December 5th, 2008 when I first envisioned the creation of this piece, I
sent an email to the ProtectMarriage group, inquiring where I might obtain
some YesOn8 lawn signs.  Here's the text of that email:

Me:  "Hi.  I need some YesOn8 lawn signs.  Can you tell me where I could get

The ProtectMarriage folks reply:  "Your best option would be visiting your
local church.  They might have some leftover from the campaign."

Powerful message, I think.
The Art:

California Proposition 8
Words of the
Stiffnecked People

Exodus 32:9


This art piece is
comprised of 250 wooden
blocks, some wrapped
with Yes on 8 propaganda
and others wrapped in
biblical text.  They are
arranged in a
chronological and
topographical order,
beginning with a
miniature Bible in the
center and yellow blocks
rising out of the chaos
and winding their way
through a sea of scripture.

I took the words of the
fundamentalists and
re-printed them on Yes on
8 yard signs and bumper
stickers.  I gathered the
quotes, statistics, history,
and headlines and
re-arranged them on
yellow and blue Protect
Marriage material...and
then wrapped the
remaining blocks with
selected pages torn from
the Bible and Book of

For more detailed pics,
just click on the tabs to
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Sacramento Pride event on June 20th,
2009, courtesy of the
YesOnGayMarriage organization.
The Prop 8 piece was on display at the 2009 Sacramento
Gay Pride event, courtesy of the YesOnGayMarriage

Then it went to the Coalition for Repeal of Prop 8
conference in San Francisco on August 29th, 2009.  

Then it was on display at the California State Employee's
convention in Los Angeles over Labor Day, courtesy of the
SEIU Human and Civil Rights committee.

It then went to San Francisco for a one day show at the San
Francisco LGBT Center on October 10, 2009.

On October 26th 2009, it went to a celebrity concert  at the
San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts for the Defying
Inequality benefit.  

Where will it go next????  Perhaps it will soon become
obsolete...?....One can only hope.  If anyone would like to
display the piece, either for a fund raiser or gallery, just let
me know.  It's available to travel.
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The YouTube video of my
Prop8 art is one of the coolest
things I've ever done.  Watch it

Scott Terry's PropH8
YouTube video