Youtube video

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I just chose a professional videographer to shoot a Youtube video on my Prop8 piece….should be really cool.


Day of Decision!

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Today is the day of decision….Judge Walker will announce his verdict today on the legality of Prop 8……


San Francisco show

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The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Center is sponsoring a one day show of my Prop8 art piece, along with two other pieces of mine that focus on religious intolerance. The show is on Saturday, October 10th from 10 am to 5 pm. You can visit the Center’s website for more details and directions at www.sfcenter.org. Just click on the Calendar for October 10th.


Working Together for Equality

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I attended the Working Together for Equality meeing in San Franciso this past Friday, and that was an amazing meeting. It was an incredibly polite but focused gathering of all the major players in the marriage equality struggle, and I showed my Prop8 piece at the gathering. We set it up right next to the registration table, and the most common reaction when people saw it was, “What the hell is THAT doing here?”

Once they got over their initial revulsion, people began to read the quotes on the piece, and I received a ton of very special comments on what it meant to them. At the end of the gathering, we all agreed that the conference will someday be viewed as a historic gathering, and I was really happy to have been a part of that. We sold a few of my posters for a $100 donation to the cause…..and the people who bought the posters asked me to autograph them! That was cool.


Human Rights convention

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Well go figure. My Prop8 piece was viewed by several members of the local SEIU when it was at Sacramento Pride, and as a result, they have invited us to their annual conference in Los Angeles over Labor Day. There will be approximately 5000 people in attendance at that conference, so my piece should get lots of visibility. It will first be displayed at the Human and Civil Rights Committee Workshop on Saturday, Sept. 5th, and then will move to the general convention area where it can be viewed by all attendees. Thanks to Michael Roskey, president of District Labor Council 767 for making this happen.

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Prop 8 is about to meet the world…the gay world.

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Well, the Prop 8 piece is about to be introduced to the public. It will be on display at the Sacramento Gay Pride event on Sunday, June 21st, and the San Francisco Gay Pride event on Sunday June 28th, courtesy of the YesOnGayMarriage organization. It will be displayed at their booth, and posters of the piece will be for sale as a fundraiser for the organization and to further the cause of marriage equality across the country. Stop by to see the piece and sign the petition to legalize gay marriage.

I will have a picture of the poster on this site soon.

Also, perhaps we should find a better name for this creation. I call it my “Prop 8 Piece”…but that’s a little disconcerting to people who don’t know which side of the table I stand on. I thought about calling it the “Trail of the Stiffnecked People” after the Exodus quote. There are 4 different Bible scriptures in this piece that refer to the “stiffnecked people” which I find to be a perfect moniker for those who voted yes on Prop 8. And then I was thinking of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”, since it makes the most sense to view this piece by starting in the middle and then following the yellow path as it winds to the outer blocks.

So, if anyone wants to suggest an alternative name…feel free!!


Hello world!

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Well, here’s the Prop 8 piece. I don’t know why I needed to create it or where it’s going, but it’s finally done. Hooray for that.

I didn’t originally intend to make a statement on gay marriage. I was simply eating dinner at Bay Wolf in Oakland, minding my own business and thinking of a potential art piece that would summarize my experience as an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. But halfway through dinner one thought led to another and I began thinking about the crazy things that people do with religion….and the Prop 8 piece was created.

I needed about 20 of the Yes on 8 yard signs for this piece, and being that I didn’t have any hanging around my garage, I put some postings on Craigslist, hoping there might be plenty of religious folks willing to donate to my cause (okay, I didn’t exactly tell them how I planned to use the yard signs). I even drove around the neighborhood taking down Yes on 8 signs that were still out from the election, but in the end I couldn’t find what I needed. So I sent an email to the Protect Marriage organization, asking for some suggestions for where I could acquire some yard signs. Their response was that I should “contact my local church to see if they had any left over from the campaign”…..I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect summation of this piece…thanks to the Protect Marriage people for that…..